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by John Barry, HPU sports information

In the winter of 2005, hurrying from Pennsylvania to the Big Apple on the I-80 interstate in the middle of a blizzard, Brent Curry’s Mazda Tribute hit some ice, skidded off the road into a ravine, and spun several 360s before slamming into a bunch of trees. In that couple of seconds facing life or death in a frigid world, he made a decision that would change his life. . When he walked out of the hospital into the northeast’s frigid cold, he put that decision into action, and by summer, he had moved to Hawai‘i.
Curry, the play-by-play commentator for HPU volleyball, basketball, baseball, and softball, started working the PA for HPU sports and became the color commentator in 2006 with Chuck Miske. A year later, he was promoted to color commentator and then play-by-play commentator in 2008. That same year he received his own radio show, “Chalk Talk with Brent Curry,” which features HPU coaches and student athletes. “Chalk Talk” still airs on AM 1500 The Team every Thursday at 7 p.m.
Curry started off as a radio DJ playing oldies, country, hip hop, and R&B. After he graduated from Gannon University in 2003, he began announcing women’s basketball games for his alma mater, and eventually moved on to announce football, softball, and baseball. He also did game commentary for the Major League AA affiliate Detroit Tigers.
“It was absolutely, unequivocally the worst broadcast of all time,” Curry recalls about the first basketball game he ever broadcast. “I’d seen hundreds of basketball games, but I couldn’t keep up with it. It was incredibly discouraging,” he added.
However, he didn’t quit. From his career day in second grade in 1998, Curry had known what he wanted to do. Other kids could become police officers or doctors, Curry said: “I want to be on the radio.”
“ I like the idea of painting a picture for someone who doesn’t know what’s going on,” Curry said.
Curry has felt attracted to the radio from an even earlier age. After his mother tucked him in bed as a kid, Curry would sneak a radio under the covers and listen to the late-night baseball and basketball games.
His fascination with all things sports is not a phase that faded over time, as anyone knows who has met him. He is probably one of the greatest Ohio sports fans in history. Proudly claiming Akron as his hometown, Curry immediately mentions that it’s the same hometown of the greatest NBA player today, Lebron James. “Putting the fan in fanatic,” he rattles off his favorite sports teams: the Cleveland Browns, Cavs, and Indians.
Despite his love for Ohio athletics, Curry has embraced Hawai‘i’s culture with open arms, as everyone can see from his island lifestyle, laid-back demeanor, and “live for the day” attitude.
“ I love (the island lifestyle),” said Curry. “Someone once told me that after you’ve been here for five years, you can’t leave and I’m fine with that. I plan on staying here.”
To see or hear Curry in action, attend one of HPU’s broadcasted basketball, baseball, or softball games this spring or tune in to AM 1500 The Team.


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