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by Joey Getty, student writer


Think you are an extreme daredevil? Have you ever been skydiving? If you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing. Skydiving is the perfect hobby for a thrill seeker, and there are few better places to skydive than above the stunning North Shore of O‘ahu. Although O‘ahu boasts many skydiving facilities, Skydive Hawai‘i is the most popular among HPU students.
Upon arrival, participants are instructed to watch a short video and fill out an extensive (and nerve-wracking) waiver, while heart rates begin to quicken. After enduring a substantial wait to be called, your tandem professional skydive instructor thoroughly straps you into a harness, which will attach you to the instructor during the jump. The harness goes on over your street clothes. That’s right, most people jump in shorts and a shirt! The instructor then explains and trains you in how you will exit the plane and how to land.
Almost immediately you and your group, along with the tandem professionals, walk to the plane. The plane ride lasts about 20 minutes and is breathtaking, to say the least. The jump is a fusion of emotions and unexplainable in words. With both feet on the ground, the euphoria of the experience catches up with you, as you stand in disbelief.
HPU freshman and first-time jumper Sean Fancher recollects his experience from October, “In freefall, the seconds feel like minutes with your adrenaline pumping. And as soon as the chute opens, you can see the North Shore waves breaking under your feet.”
However, with this extreme sport come many dangers. The President of Skydive Hawai‘i’s Skydiving School, Frank Hinshaw said, “Since 1988, we have had a total of four fatalities. Two sport parachutists and one tandem pair.” Injuries, which are “mostly broken ankles or legs,” have gone down in frequency in the past few years and “we may have only one or two a year,” Hinshaw adds.
Still think you are up to the challenge? To avoid the lengthy bus ride, Skydive Hawai‘i offers a shuttle service from several Waikiki Hotels. Those interested should clear their schedule for an entire day because the whole process may take a while, depending on the length of a wait for an instructor.
The price ranges from $150-$200 including tip if you go in a large group. Still photos add about $100, and a video recording of your jump will add roughly $200 to your bill.
Skydiving is dangerous.In fact, HPU does not endorse this activity because of the inherent risks associated with it according to VP in Student Affairs, Jeff Philpott. But, if you are a thrill-seeker who has assessed all of the consequences and benefits you might enjoy it!



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