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by Kalamalama staff

HPU nursing students recently supported the windward Hawai‘i Loa campus Blood Drive. The students generated enough pints of blood for the Blood Bank of Hawai‘i to save as many as 126 lives.
“ HPU nursing students, represented by the Student Nurses Association, are to be commended for all they do in the name of community outreach, awareness, and health promotion,” said Dr. Randy Caine, dean of the HPU School of Nursing.
The Student Nurses Association at HPU fosters the professional development of nursing students throughout their education. As a member organization of both the Hawai‘i Student Nurses Association and the National Student Nurses Association, these future nurses develop leadership skills through various community outreach opportunities.
HPU nursing student Kristin Uyehara was one of many students to donate her time and blood during the recent blood drive. “It makes me feel good helping other people and it’s so easy,” said Uyehara, who has donated blood three times.
“ The time and effort required was substantial,” said Linda Fulton, of the Blood Bank of Hawai‘i New Business Development Donor Services Department.
“ It is truly appreciated, not only by the Blood Bank, but by the many families whose lives will be affected by the gifts of life generated by the drive.”
For more information on how to donate to the Blood Bank of Hawai’i please visit www.bbh.org or call (808) 845-9966.


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