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by Kalamalama staff


Winners were announced recently in the HPU Short Script Contest for short dramatic works or screenplays completed in 2008.
“ All six entrants submitted screenplays,” said Dr. Mark Tjarks, contest coordinator, “even though plays are also eligible.”
Tjarks announced three winners in the category of Original Script:
• 1st Prize “Untitled,” by Nina Coleman
• 2nd Prize “The Date Palm,” by Vera Buck
• 3rd Prize “A New Beginning,” by Ingvild Gram
A tie for first place in the category of Adapted Play or Screenplay eliminated the second place award. The First Place award will be split by Shannon Nash and Jennifer Ching for their adaptations of short stories by John Updike and Edgar Allan Poe. The winning screenplays are:
• 1st Prize: “A & P,” by Shannon Nash and “The Heart of the Matter,” by Jennifer Ching.
• 3rd Prize: “Tone,” by April Fukushima.
“Certificates and checks,” Tjarks said, “will be presented at the HPU Honors Banquet at the Hawai‘i Prince Hotel on March 8, 2009.”
The HPU Short Script Contest is sponsored by the Mark Bauer Writing Award Fund, the English program, and the College of Liberal Arts.
E-mail mtjarks@hpu.edu for more information on the contest and winners, or visit the HPU Web site.



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