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by Janel Foster, staff writer

Bright lights, exotic dancers, and music—mostly hip-hop: that’s the basic formula for any dance club in any big city, and Level 4 Nightclub & Ultra Lounge is no exception. This Las Vegas-styled nightclub—they claim to be “the closest thing to Vegas Honolulu can get”—gets part of its authenticity from its staff, nearly all of whom have worked in Vegas nightclubs.
Level 4 opened in July in the heart of Waikiki on the fourth floor of the Royal Hawaiian Center. It takes up half of the entire level, and its Vegas style themes are expressed in a multitude of lights; a lounge full of live, interactive TV screens that let viewers look in on activities in the showroom in the club; modern décor with mat-black walls and suede couches and chairs and small cocktail tables. The theme is worked out in shows and services, too.
“ The effects on these screens are amazing,” Dan Bolduc, HPU alumnus and Marketing and PR Coordinator of the club, said, adding that one exciting feature is when you put your glass on the table it will create cool water effects on the screen. The club also features five bars and two sound systems, one in each room, and a 25 ft. x 25 ft. high definition video projection screen. When you look above, you will first notice the ceiling decorations, which at first glance look like clouds, but they resemble the foam that gets left behind after a wave has broke. A front row view of the Aloha Tower is also visible.
Todd Dougall, Level 4’s Chief Operating Officer, worked at two Las Vegas clubs,TABU and Studio 54 in the MGM, including 10 years asV.P. of entertainment for MGM, before bringing his vision of his own club to Hawai‘i. He partnered with Roy Tokujo, a long-time O‘ahu entertainment producer and manager, who agreed that Waikiki was the best place for it. The two men teamed up with Meagan Hensley who, as the club’s performance director, oversees the club’s entertainment programs, and Bolduc.
“I hired Meagan to give the club its “wow” effect,” Dougall said, adding that he is proud of their unique performances and creative ideas. “I had worked in Las Vegas before,” Hensley said, “and I wanted to create something so similar that people would feel as though they were in a Las Vegas club.”
She added: “I work with the dancers constantly, making sure everything, all of their routines, are authentic to Vegas-style dancing.
“The style of their dancers is very “urban-trendy,” she said. The performances in the Showroom not only include solo dancers spaced throughout the club, but also involve groups of dancers on stage, and aerialists. “When the aerialists come from above to perform, heads raise as [the audience] is mesmerized by their routines,” Bolduc said.
Bolduc added that Level 4 performers have included rapper, Busta Rhymes, and many of the dance groups that competed for “America’s Best Dance Crew.” Level 4 has more concert-style entertainment than some of their competitors, such as Pipeline Café which, she said, is more theater-like.
Another popular feature of Level 4 is that it makes space available to private parties and events, such as the recent “tribute to Wayne Harada who wrote for the Entertainment section in The Honolulu Advertiser.”
Even though this club is relatively new to Honolulu, its reputation is growing, and it will be targeting a younger audience this March with a new promotion called “Surf into Spring.” From March 5 through 26, every Thursday night there will be no cover charge with a valid college ID. They will have guest appearances by pro surfers and drink specials, and their usual dress codes will be changed to “relaxed attire.”
Level 4 will also be starting Couture Saturdays in March, highlighting a different fashion outlet every weekend and then following up with a fashion show the last weekend that will highlight all three of the month’s designers.
Level 4 is designed to be “Hawai‘i’s premier nightlife destination,” said Bolduc, explaining that given its location among Waikiki shops, street vendors, and restaurants, people can experience all the aspects of Waikiki.



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