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by Kalamalama staff

As faculty, staff, and students discuss the impact of the economy on HPU and on the plans for its consolidation of colleges, the Entrepreneurial Center, via the Pappas Entrepreneurial Leadership Series (ENTLS), has dared to ask: “Will the entrepreneurial vision be the ‘engine’ that pulls the organization through these troubled times?”
The Pappas ENTLS hosted Dr. Patrick Sullivan, CEO of Oceanit Laboratories, and Michael Paulin, chairman of Aqua Resort, Feb. 27 at the Plaza Club.
Their success stories were a big part of the meeting, emphasizing the importance of optimism and hard work even when the economy is not at its prime.
The topics included, “Technology and Tourism: The Entrepreneurial Vision for Uncertain Times,” “Sustainability and Entrepreneurship,” and “Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist: Relationships from a Partnership Perspective.”
The two accomplished entrepreneurs also discussed how they view and strategically respond to the economic crisis. Dr. Bee-Leng Chua, director of the Entrepreneurial Center said Sullivan and Paulin “represent technology and tourism, two diverse sectors that have been greatly impacted by the downturn of the economy.”
Sullivan and Paulin answered questions relating to how the global downturn affects an organization’s vision and strategy. They explored the expectations that investors and investees have of one another and ways to use communication to manage conflict effectively.
Students who attended said that it was beneficial to meet entrepreneurs and business leaders. Chua added that students can relate what they learn in the classroom to the real world, “and that’s what these meetings hope to accomplish.” She added that the program invites entrepreneurs who want to share their experience and knowledge with the students.
“ Students enjoyed meeting entrepreneurs and hearing their stories about how they started their business and particularly how they overcome obstacles,” Chua said, adding that this leadership series gave students an opportunity to learn about the positive values of tenacity, creativity, and hard work.
The topic in the news is our nation’s economic crisis and how it is affecting the aspects of our lives, and that apparently drew more students to the presentation than usual.
“ We had way over 80 people attending,” Chua said. “In the past, we capped at 60. This time, it was oversubscribed so we had increased the number of seats.”
Chua added that she had students call and e-mail her at the last minute wanting to attend because the registration was closed. “I told them to take their chances and come anyway.”



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