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by Kalamalama staff


Have an issue or a question and don’t knownow where to turn for answers?
HPU offers many resources, but sometimes finding the one that’s right for you can be difficult. A group of students in the psychology program have organized a peer support group. Its mission, according to Breann Sorensen, a senior majoring in psychology and the coordinator of the Peer Advocacy program, is designed to “provide support, protect the interests, and promote the health and well being of students.”
Beginning this semester, Sorenson said, the Peer Advocates will provide the student body with a comfortable student-to-student support system. Its services will include helping students find and utilize resources at HPU as well as supporting solutions to issues such as home sickness, roommate problems, and other day-to-day student challenges.
“ The Peer Advocates are currently working on programs for, but not limited to, international students, military students, and students with families,” Sorenson added. “These programs will be designed to improve the experience of each individual at HPU.
“ We will also be considering other programs based on the needs of the student body,” she said.
The Peer Advocates will have a physical presence on campus as well as an on-line presence.
“ Our schedule and location will be posted on the HPU Peer Advocate Web site,” Sorenson said, “through campus pipeline.”
Sorenson added that the group has arranged to develop a column for Kalamalama, beginning next issue, that will answer general student questions asked by HPU students.
“ E-mail questions to peeradvocates@gmail,” Sorenson said. “Advocates will respond to all questions, and selected questions will be published each month.
“ If you are looking for support,” Sorenson added, “feel free to contact us. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.”



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