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by Kalamalama staff

The 12th Annual Hawai‘i International Film Festival (HIFF) was held April 3-9, 2009 at the Regal Dole Cannery in Honolulu.
The East - West Center, an education and research program located in Manoa Valley, established HIFF in 1981, and 65,000 people from around the globe attend the festival each year.
The goal of the festival is to increase understanding between the peoples of Asia, the Pacific, and North America through the art of film.
This season’s showcase included 20 features, documentaries, and film shorts from over 10 countries.
Some of the featured films and documentaries discussed controversial issues and exposed injustices. Food Inc., a documentary by director Robert Kenner posed the question: How much do we really know about the food we purchase every day? Food Inc. connects the genetically modified foods that stock our grocery stores’ shelves to increased obesity, illnesses caused by new strands of the bacteria E. coli, and diabetes in adults.
Other films were meant to simply warm the heart. Gu-Gu the Cat directed by Inudo Isshin, tells the story of grief stricken manga artists in Japan who gain inspiration and love from a cat named Gu-Gu.
The next HIFF film festival will be the 29th Annual Fall Festival on October 15-25 2009. Tickets to the festival can be purchased online at www.hiff.org.




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