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by Janel Foster, staff writer

According to Open Space Yoga, a growing chain of yoga studios, “Yoga requires nothing more than a desire to feel better and to act clearer in all areas of life.”
Now that spring semester has reached its peak and we are going down the slope of the semester, tension and stress is certain to be built up.
A yoga studio is now closer to HPU than ever. This can be a sustaining outlet for stress. Open Space Yoga opened its first studio by owner, Mary Bastien in Nov. 2004. Its current location is now on Nu‘uanu Avenue on the second floor of the Perry Block building, literally one block away from HPU.
“ Coming from New York, I found that O‘ahu did not have a big following when it came to yoga,” Bastien said. “We started small but our reputation is growing daily.” She added that the same people come on a regular basis, “and there are always new faces coming in,” she said.
“ Since moving over here, our business has tripled,” Bastien said. “It is such a more diverse group of people downtown.”
“ Most of the time we have a group of people who work in the neighborhood come in the afternoon; other times we have a bigger group in the morning classes,” she said.
This yoga studio is unique to downtown and has 16 instructors who teach a wide variety of yoga styles and classes. These include: “Vinyasa Flow,” “Relax Deeply,” “Yoga Basics,” “Kundalini,” “Hatha,” “Gentle Flow,” and “Open Level,” which is a class open to beginners and experts covering all yoga positions.
“ You do not have to have prior yoga experience to attend one of our classes,” Bastien said.
Many factors that the staff of Open Space Yoga prides themselves on are the encouragement and guidance between instructor and student.
Matt George, a member of Open Space Yoga said: “The guidance is very helpful when first learning the basics of yoga because you learn from the beginning what positions you need to be in.” He added that if the instructor sees that your body is not in the right position, they are not hesitant to correct you.
“ It also can be very convenient to do between my classes at HPU since yoga classes are offered all day,” George said.
Open Space Yoga appears to be a more authentic place to learn all yoga styles because at classes offered at local gyms, because they don’t execute advanced positions.
Open Space Yoga classes are priced per session. For one session, the cost is $14. From there, passes are available in: a five-class pass for $65, 10 sessions for $120, and 20 sessions for $220. Open Space also offers unlimited day passes for 30 days and three months for $140 and $365. Open Space Yoga also offers 10 percent discounts to students on class passes.
“ We recommend, for beginning students to sign up for our two-week starter pass,” Bastien said, “For two weeks students can receive unlimited sessions, in any style, for only $30.
Bastien added that one can get “space” or clarity before class, after class, whenever. Your body benefits as does your mind. Call and sign up or do a simple walk in and join a session.”
Now from the studio’s obvious success, a second location is now open near Diamond Head, a convenience for HPU students who live in Waikiki.


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