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by Uyen Nguyen

Human Resources Management at HPU announces a new certificate program and revised B.S.B.A. and B.A. degrees, according to assistant professor of management Michelle Alarcon-Catt. “Human resource management is one of the fastest-growing areas of professional careers in today’s global society. Growth nations such as Japan, China, and India have long recognized this field as an area of strength for the business division,” she added.
Salary surveys in the United States for an HR career show entry-level positions starting about $25,000, and top HR executive level earning as high as $300,000 a year. Salaries, of course, are affected by many factors, including employer size, industry, employee credentials, years of experience, and so on. Nonetheless, Alarcon explained, entry-level jobs include human resource assistant and careers in employment, recruitment and placement, as well as specialized careers in EOE (Equal Opportunity Employment), training and development, and compensation and benefits. Career progression varies among different companies, with positions ranging from HR assistant to analyst, generalist, director, manager, and supervisor, to executive vice president.
“ HRM is essential for every organization anywhere in the world,” said Alarcon. “One of its important functions is to create dynamic policies and techniques that will help a firm improve the management of its people.”
In recognition of the increasing need for HR graduates, HPU began offering its new certificate program and revised undergraduate degree programs in fall 2008.
“ The new certificate program that will provide students with a deeper, more solid foundation in the HRM disciplines,” said Alarcon. CHRM provides undergraduates a solid base of HR knowledge that includes 15 units of HR courses and is a professional tool that gives its holders an advantage at all stages of many careers in HR and other business disciplines. Students majoring in other HPU programs may wish to apply for the certificate too.
The B.S.B.A. in Human Resource Management, Alarcon continued, was revised to cover aspects of business as well as knowledge in planning, directing, and coordinating human resource management activities in an organization. The new program incorporates essential knowledge on strategic use of human resources, compensation, and benefits as well as other functions such as recruitment, personnel policies, and regulatory compliance. Graduates will have a strong functional HRM perspective with the behavioral skills to work effectively as HR professionals.
The B.A. in Human Resource Development provides the student with the opportunity to study the primary functions of HRM with a strong emphasis on the development of human potential in organizations in both the private and public sectors. The program provides the student with a foundation built on the psycho-social model of effective human behavior.
Alarcon added: “Both degrees prepare graduates for challenging management careers in any field.”
For more information call the HPU Academic Advising Center 544-1198 or e-mail malarcon@hpu.edu.




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