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by Norma Koppp


After attending a few semesters full time in a graduate program, one would think that a well-deserved vacation would follow. Not so for three M.B.A. students. Marc Burde, Audun Hansen, and Igor Tumbas are bound for Cambridge, Mass., as in, Harvard University, for more graduate courses this summer.
Burde and Hansen enrolled in the M.B.A. program last semester, while Tumbas started in fall 2007. Burde and Hansen met at HPU and discussed plans to apply to Harvard after hearing about another HPU student who attended summer school there. As part of their summer preparation, they worked with their academic advisor to submit their respective requests to have certain elective courses approved for credit transfer. When Burde shared his plans with Tumbas, he seized the opportunity to go online and apply. All three students were accepted.
“ I decided to attend Harvard because it offers a wide selection of finance courses,” said Burde. “Its reputation and experience make it a very good place to diversify my education. I hope to gain knowledge and skills, and to meet new people and friends.”
Burde is from a small town in southern Sweden, and majored in finance at Vaxjo University. His family business in the Nordic market is a focal point in his life as he continues his goal of earning a master’s degree in finance, traveling the world, and combining a passion for finance together with developing the family business.
Hansen believes the experience of being a Harvard summer student would complement his HPU studies. “I hope to demonstrate that I can perform well in that setting,” Hansen said, adding that he would eventually like to have “results to place on my résumé. I am also looking forward to enhancing my social network, which I’ve already established with my HPU experience of students, faculty, and other professionals.”
Hansen completed his Bachelor’s in Finance in Oslo, Norway. His decision to attend HPU was easier than he thought: “The combination of academics, diversity of people, interests, and activities here, as well as the great weather, compelled me to choose HPU,” said Hansen.
Tumbas, who is from Toronto, Canada, says HPU’s location is both ideal and unique, and he sees attending summer school elsewhere as a way to enhance his employability and seize entrepreneurial possibilities.
“ The warm weather climate of Hawai‘i was definitely a huge deciding factor,” Tumbas said. “And I get to receive a good education in paradise.”
With his Harvard plans, Tumbas plans to enrich his M.B.A. studies and take advantage of the educational opportunities at a world-renowned university by “networking with Harvard professors and students,” Tumbas said. “Networking is one of the most important elements to increase my chances of developing a successful career.”
For more information, call 543-8034 or e-mail graduate@hpu.edu.



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