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by Daniyal Saud, UN Club VP

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) matched their educational outreach projects against the programs of other SIFE teams at the 2009 Students in Free Enterprise Regional Competition and Career Opportunity Fair held on March 25 at the Hyatt Regency garnering the first runner-up position.
SIFE, founded in 1975, is an international non-profit organization active on more than 1,400 university campuses in 48 countries. SIFE teams create economic opportunities in their communities by organizing outreach projects that teach market economics, entrepreneurship, personal financial success skills, and business ethics. At competitions, their projects are judged by business leaders on creativity, innovation, and effectiveness.
The regional competition was comprised of three four-year institutions and two two-year colleges from the Pacific Region, and was one of 16 SIFE USA Regional Competitions held throughout March and April. The first place winners from all regional competitions will proceed to SIFE’s National Exposition held in Philadelphia, Pa., on May 10-12. This is the ninth year HPU SIFE has placed as one of the top two teams. Teams were judged on the effectiveness of their projects during a 24-minute presentation and were evaluated on creativity and innovation, results of education programs, success in utilizing resources, and documentation of activities.
During the academic year, the HPU SIFE team organized numerous events in the community. As two of the top events, HPU SIFE created a high school business competition in Hawai‘i which will take place on April, and enhanced development in Cambodia by mobilizing two student organizations at HPU and one SIFE team from Germany to engage in fundraising activities with the goal of building a school.
For the high school business competition, four public high schools and 109 students signed a commitment to participate. The competition is based on GoVenture, a software teaching the students how to run a fictitious business, and it simulates the management of key ratios in the business. The students have a number of learning objectives—business, entrepreneurship, economic, finance, and accounting being the most significant ones. The students will gain software skills and learn the importance of responsible behavior in today’s business world.
One of the beliefs that HPU SIFE has is that less fortunate global communities should be provided the opportunity to sustain themselves. To uphold this principle, HPU SIFE decided to contribute to positive change in a Cambodian community. To make a difference, the SIFE team worked closely with the nonprofit organization called Cambodia’s Hope. HPU SIFE realized that the future of the country lies in the hands of the new generation. To enhance development in Gambodia, HPU SIFE raised funds to build a basic open-air school to Slar. The construction of the school will start in July, and SIFE’s goal is to have the school functioning in September. To promote sustainability, HPU SIFE will continue to work closely with Cambodia’s Hope and the participating student organizations to establish trade markets for the village.
Other events organized during the year were Credit and Financial Seminars, the HPU SIFE Organizational Sustainability project, HPU SIFE Volunteer Income Tax Assistance project, HPU SIFE MyCleanCloset project, and the Mix Café Marketing Plan project.
Members of the SIFE team in the regional competition were Sven Blauth from Germany, Xiao Yi from China, Truls Kolstad from Norway, Tomoko Furukawa from Japan, Mihkel Välja from Estonia,Andreas Schwab from Germany, and Paul Harleman from the Netherlands.
For more information about SIFE, call 1-800-677-SIFE or visit www.hpusife.org.



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