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ASHPU - this year's student council
by Sophy Yi, representative at large

A new year. New members. New ideas. New HPU. Associated Students of Hawai‘i Pacific University (ASHPU) recruited new members into the council earlier this semester for school year 2001-2002.

ASHPU’s mission to HPU and its students is to generate and stimulate interest and participation in academic, professional, and extracurricular activities as well as to facilitate communication among the students, alumni, faculty and administration.

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Plans for new activities and events for the students are always on the mind of the student council.

“We want to make this the best school year and memorable for all the students,” said Marsha Khong, junior representative.

“I see HPU as a family that is unique, and it only takes two equations to make us celebrate our diversity,” said Selawe Tau, ASHPU president. “The first is school spirit and education, and the other is having fun and socializing. I promise everyone that this year is going to be an awesome and memorable year to celebrate our school’s greatness.”

Rather than having the same activities as last year and the year before, the new members of ASHPU are determined to promote a unique and original approach to student life.

“This year promises to be the best yet – with an awesome counsel and an incredible student body,” said Margaret Linde, ASHPU vice president.

Here’s a look at this year’s ASHPU officers:

From Botswana, Selawe Tomset Tau has been with HPU three years and double majors in travels industry management and computer information systems with a minor in math. He was the former vice president of TIMSO (Travel Industry Management Student Organization). As president of the student council, Tau would like to promote education, spirit, fun, and socialization within the student community of HPU.

Selawe Tomset Tau
Margaret Linde
Vice President
From the drizzling city of Seattle, Margaret Linde, a junior majoring in nursing, has been at HPU and in student government for three years. She has also been involved with the spirit squad, drama, bell choir, and Junior Statesmen of America.
Fernando Morales is a senior from San Francisco, Calif. majoring in computer information systems. He’s been involved with ASHPU three years. This is his second year as treasurer. He likes basketball, the beach, and the wahines.
Fernando Morales
Collette Kuntz
A small town girl from Tenino, Wash., Collette Kuntz is a pre-med student in her second year at HPU. Kuntz is in the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society and a former dancer for the Philippines Club. She enjoys kickboxing, yoga, dancing, and Tae Kwon Do. Her personal motto is to “live life as if there is no tomorrow.”
Senior Representatives
Double majoring in political science and corporate communication, James Houser, from Menlo Park, Calif., has one more year to go. As a senior, Houser is determined to make it memorable for the senior class and himself. He enjoys golf, basketball, baseball, and football.
James Houser
Jennifer Kissee is a TIM major from Wisconsin who has been at HPU four years and on the student council two years. When she’s not helping with the committee, working, or at school, Kissee may by found sleeping. Her personal motto is “happiness can be achieved by keeping busy and working hard.”
Jennifer Kissee
Marsha Khong
Junior Representatives
Earning a certificate in tourism industry and a former employee of Southwest Airlines, Marsha Khong is continuing her education in human resource development. Khong is a transfer student from Lakewood, Calif. She was the president of the Language and Culture Club and the co-captain of the undefeated suburban league tennis champs at her former school where she was awarded the most valuable player.
Lisa Cripe
Lisa Cripe is the president of the Akamai Advertising Club. She is also involved with HPU Theatre and Christian Fellowship. Cripe is a junior from Washington state majoring in visual communications. She enjoys acting, art, and shopping.
Sophomore Representatives
Steve Jower, a transfer student from California, decided to join ASHPU as he started his second semester. He is interested in getting involved with the activities at HPU and is excited about representing the sophomore class. He enjoys sports, parties, and the ladies of the island.
Steve Jower
Lynsey Elston is from Northern California and a justice administration major, in her second year at HPU. She enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, and volunteering for Head Start, 4H, and the Boys and Girls Club.
Lindsey Elston
Sabrina Ponciano
Freshman Representatives
Sabrina Ponciano is from Kaneohe and starting her first semester as a freshman rep. Showing her school spirit, Ponciano is also on the HPU Dance Team. When she’s not dancing for the team, she’s dancing for the enjoyment. Her personal motto is “never give up!”
Garrett Smith
Garrett Smith is from Fridley, Minn. majoring in international business. In his spare time, he enjoys going out with his friends and just having fun. He is also looking forward to representing the freshman class and making its year at HPU fun.
At Large Representatives
From Waimanalo, Wesley Fine is a justice administration major. Fine was a junior rep. last year and continues to represent HPU as a rep. at large this year. He is in his third year as a member of the HPU rugby club. Fine enjoys contact sports and loves to drink a lot of kava.
Wesley Fine
Charles Nordeen is a business major from South Carolina, and a member of the debate society. As he once spent three months in Italy, he is known to be a wine connoisseur. His personal motto is “be in the world, not off the world.”
Charles Nordeen
Christopher Del Guidice is from New Jersey. He’s an RA for a private dorm and is involved with the rugby club. He likes to go out, party, and play sports.
Christopher Del Guidice
A computer information systems major, Wen Tai Ye is from China and in his first year at HPU. He enjoys computer games and chasing after women. His personal motto is “treat your life like cooking food – with love and care – and it will come out good.”
Wen Tai Ye
Majoring in public relations with a minor in writing, Sophy Yi, from Buena Park, Calif., is in her last year with HPU. Yi is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and the Polyglot Toastmasters. Yi also volunteers for Junior Achievement, and works for the president of this non-profit organization.
Sophy Yi
Anastasia Finnegan
Downtown Representative
Marine biology major, Anastasia Finnegan, a sophomore from Washington, is in her first year as a council member of ASHPU. Loving the outdoors, Finnegan is a lifeguard and a swimming instructor.
In her second year in ASHPU, Stephanie Young is this year’s student council parliamentarian. A junior from Chehalis, Wash., she is a political science major. When she’s not helping out with the student council, she’s on the track representing HPU’s cross country team.
Stephanie Young
Danielle Victoria Yadisernia
Dorm RA - windward
Danielle Victoria Yadisernia is an environmental studies student from Franklin/Cape Cod, Mass. Aside from being a resident advisor at the Hawaii Loa Campus, Yadisernia is involved in HPU’s Christian Fellowship and in the Bagpipe Band. She believes that “the purpose of life is to live life with a purpose.”
Jared Dolan
Jared Dolan is a residence advisor at the windward campus. He is in his second year at HPU and his first year with ASHPU. Dolan is also involved with HPU Christian Fellowship.


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