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Cari Aguilar, editor

SIFE team spreads aloha, wins national awards

Whether it was the fragrantly sweet leis, the musical affirmation, “I am the World’s Greatest,” or the wonderfully blended cultural elements of the finale, the SIFE team at HPU knew before it left for nationals that it was ready to startle a nation, and it did, bringing back three national awards and placing in the top 15 in the country.


Fitting in: Going away to college

During the first day of “Welcome Week” at the University of California at Irvine, a week where incoming freshman are encouraged to attend the activities put on by the student government, I roamed aimlessly through what seemed like a never-ending crowd of nameless faces passing out political, fraternal, and club pamphlets.


HPU's new optional plus or minus system

.Beginning this fall semester, the HPU faculty will be able to give plus or minus grades. This option was requested by the faculty so that it could better document students’ performance.


What to do at HPU

With so much happening at HPU, it’s hard to be bored. Student Life makes it easy to find out what’s happening and where to go because they put signs on the Mall and publish weekly and monthly bulletins.


Smart parking at HPU

Parking in downtown Honolulu can be stressful and expensive. Because HPU does not offer student parking, students are forced to find parking independently.


Military Corner: EMSIS at Hickam AFB

HPU inaugurates a cutting-edge graduate degree program this fall for military and civilian personnel from all branches of government. Called the Executive Master of Science in Information Systems (EMSIS), this fast-paced, 20-month degree program, offered exclusively at Hickam Air Force Base, focuses on advanced technology and leadership concepts.



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