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Student Poll:
Valentines on the mall
by Charity Drumeller, staff writer

Valentine's day is a time to remember and show your appreciation for that special someone in your life. Did you take the time to stop and celebrate this Valentines Day with your special someone? Here are some of the things planned – or not – by HPU students at the mall.

Casey Hulse, a visual communications major from Texas: “I will get my valentine a nice card that says everything I have to say, and a kiss.”

Kristine Lancaster, a travel industry management major from Hawai‘i: “I would get him some red, silk boxers!”

Lorenzo Jackson, a marketing major from Calif.: “I don’t have a valentine because girls think I’m nasty.”

Michael Kiese, a visual communications major from Hawai‘i: “I am going to write a song just for her.”

Arin Antonio, business major from Hawai‘i: “I would make her anything she wants to eat.”

Yaphet Graham, a business administration major from Wisconsin: “I would get her six long red roses, because red is my favorite color, and I would take her to a movie. I would get her all of this, if only I had a valentine...”

Kim Smith, a human services major from Hawai‘i: “I have no clue, because I have no valentine; but if I did I would probably get him some candy that he didn’t like so he would give it back to me.”

Sean Paiva, human services major from Hawai‘i: “I would send her flowers, not a dozen because everyone gets a dozen. And I also would take her out to dinner, maybe at Palomino’s.”
Sima Fine, a speech communication major from Hawai‘i: “If he’s a good boy, he will get what he wants, and if he’s a bad boy, better luck next year.”
Avin Antonio, an engineering major from Hawai‘i: “I am going to buy her one red rose and whatever else her heart desires, because I love my woman!”
All photos by Charity Drumeller

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