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Shannon Stollenmaier, editor


Thank goodnessit's Friday

HPU’s newest social activity “TGIF,” which kicked off last month, will bring a taste of “Aloha Friday” to the downtown campus throughout the spring semester. This entertainment event, hosted by the Office of Student Life and ASHPU, is held each Friday from noon to 4 p.m. at upper Fort Street Mall. Instead of aloha wear, however, attendees are encouraged to wear HPU logo wear to demonstrate school spirit.


Sunday Night Live at Windward campus

The Academic Center on the Hawai‘i Loa campus is quiet on Sundays. HPU students can be found around the island, at the beach, in the gym, and in the library. Being at school, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon, is normally the last thing on a student’s mind. That’s why it’s so amazing that so many students—about 20 of them—show up for chapel service.


Club Roundup

Student clubs kicked off the spring semester with the Jan. 31 Club Carnival (see story, page one) and a Feb. 3 Plaza Club Power Breakfast, for club presidents and advisors, where each club announced activities planned. For more information, or for information on clubs not listed, check out Campus Pipeline or call Student Life, 544-0277.


HPU program develops management skills

The normal sequence of the first day of class is usually a quick introduction of the professor, your fellow students, and the syllabus. We all know the routine of introducing ourselves by our names, grade, place of origin, and lastly our major. We all hear of the popular majors such as business, nursing, computer science, pre-med, psychology, and communications, but what about human services? Is it really a major? If it is, what is it?


English language PAL program forges friends

Toshihiro (Toshi) Iha’s and Mitsuhiro (Hiro) Matsumoto’s PAL, Tejon Woods, is a person who really likes involvement in various activities and loves to associate with people from other cultures.


Testing made easy

With spring graduation coming up, many are rushing to fulfill the standardized test requirements for additional schooling or certification. These students may run into trouble, however, when they learn that the University of Hawai‘i Testing Center schedules the GRE only three times an academic year, and the next one is April 12. Also, the scores will not be available until after graduate school deadlines are past.



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