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Dava Della editor, Stephanie Hickey associate editor


Librarians not endangered species?

Larry Page has said that his “Google” search engine will develop into an electronic super librarian and be able to answer questions instantly through its online access to all the world’s knowledge. Sounds fairly grandiose, but because of Google’s size, growth rate, and number of searches performed each day (150 million), it’s a possibility worth considering.


Helping students survive the 'Information Jungle'

Hundreds of eager HPU students stopped by the library display table on upper Fort Street Mall during National Library Week, April 7 through 11, and tried their luck at answering Survival Trivia questions. Jungle clad librarians and staff invited everyone to spin a wheel for tasty snacks, free books, and a chance to win other daily prizes and a grand prize at the end of the week.


Basketball a good story

The invention and the inventor of basketball is the subject of a musical production that debuted recently at Xavier University in Connecticut.


Battle of the brush - life and art of calligraphy

On the floor with knees bent under her, sits a young woman—the supreme commander—of Japanese ancestry, in her mid-20s, her back straight, yet relaxed. She seems to be comfortable. Her face looks peaceful, and her breathing is deep and relaxed.

Chorale presents concert

Spring is in the air—or at least the sounds of it—as the HPU International Chorale and Vocal Ensemble presented its first-ever Spring Choral Concert 4 p.m. April 27 at Kawaiaha‘o Church, 957 Punchbowl St.

Lighten up: It's just hair!

The saying “bad hair day” can be understood to mean that things just aren’t going your way, but when women say it, we mean it.


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