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Loren Moreno, editor, Cris Saiki, associate editor


VisCom major wins script contest

Editor’s note: Kalamalama only recently learned the names of the winners of HPU’s annual scriptwriting contest, and since Cari Carter-Aguilar, winner of both the second- and third-place awards, is a former reporter and section editor, we asked her to do the story on winner Luke Anderson. Timing continued to plague us, as Carter-Aguilar had just moved to Oklahoma. She was able to obtain Anderson’s e-mail address from English instructor and contest sponsor Mark Tjarks. Here is her interview.


Rotaract - Caring about community

Recently I had an opportunity to reflect on just how lucky some of us here at HPU are. As members of Rotaract at HPU, we participated, with the West Honolulu Rotary Club, in the distribution of 120 copies of the MacMillan Dictionary for Children to students at three public elementary schools: Kalihi, Kalihi-Uka, and Kaewai. The project was made possible through a Rotary International domestic grant program.


Book Beat

Welcome to the spring semester from the Hawai‘i Pacific University Libraries. The new year brings new opportunities to enhance academic life and career performance. One of the most important skills for both is information literacy, the ability to find, select and evaluate information sources.


Program gives graduate law school head start

Shaun Tateishi, ’02, completed 12 concurrent credits during his senior year of undergraduate study at HPU. Taking advantage of the university’s concurrent studies program enabled Tateishi to obtain his Master of Arts in Communication degree in one year (2003).


HPU largest group at leadership conference

“I don’t know the meaning of leadership. I just know great leaders” said Nainoa Thompson, Chair of Kamehameha Schools Board of Trustees, during the opening address of the State Student Leadership Conference in Hilo, Hawai’i from Jan. 29 to 31. Delegations came from University of Hawai’i system schools, Chaminade, Brigham Young University and Hawai’i Pacific University (HPU). Students gathered to discuss leadership on college campuses.


Press Club elects new president

HPU’s Press Club unanimously elected Cris Saiki-Chaves as its president for the spring 2004 semester.


Poetry award winners named

Michael Shapiro of Honolulu was named winner of the James M. Vaughan Award for Poetry at HPU, for his group of three poems: “After Us,” “Empire of Light,” and “Epilog.” He will receive a $500 check and will be recognized at HPU’s seventh annual Ko‘olau Writing Workshops on March 13, at the Hawai‘i Loa campus in Kane‘ohe.


Learn survival skills

Academic advisors at HPU have organized five College Survival Skills seminars to help students gain control of their lives and focus successfully on their education. Advisor Brad Provines coordinates the seminars, the first of which, early in February, were on better note taking and “Preventing Sexual Violence.” The next three are:


HPU to welcome Mickey Mouse

Mickey is coming to HPU!

That’s, right. Walt Disney World recruiters will be on campus Feb. 19 to talk to students interested in the Walt Disney World College Program, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone wishing to find out what it’s like to work for one of the largest and most recognized companies in the world.


Student Profile:

The Webmaster: Mark Smith

The primary job of a Web editor is to update the web pages of an online site after new information is released. The Web genius for Kalamalama is Web editor Mark Smith.


'Give a speech? I'd rather die!' - Anonymous student

Most people would rather die than give a speech. According to a survey reported in The Book of Lists, fear of public speaking outranked fear of death by a two-to-one margin!



Shelly Awaya , editor


Money Matters: The trouble with accessible

According to the The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition (© 2000), accessible has several meanings:
1. Easily approached or entered.
2. Easily obtained: accessible money.
3. Easy to talk to or get along with.
4. Easily swayed or influenced: accessible to flattery.


Booksellers, a comparison

The HPU Bookstore recently compared the prices of their spring 2004 books to two Internet booksellers: and


Start planning now for retirement

Most of us in college are working toward a degree that will enable us to get a job in a field that interests us, and one that will allow us to earn lots of money, of course. Many of these students are working while going to college, work being a way to pay for the education that will take them further.


HPU students, professor keeping "good company"

It’s been the lament of students throughout the ages. Amidst towers of books, and stacks of paper in preparation for an assignment, they moan, “Man, I feel like I’m writing a book.” In one case, HPU marketing professor Bob Sigall’s graduate class actually did write a book.


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