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Loren Moreno, editor


Japan, Paris meet at Academy: Exhibit offers Western art from Japan

Five years ago George Ellis, former director of the Honolulu Academy of Arts, came up with the idea to bring Japan and Paris together in Hawai‘i. In an art exhibition, of course. It would show European paintings purchased in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by Japanese collectors and Japanese paintings influenced by the Europeans.


Under the samurai armor: Rotaract students go deep into Japanese culture

“Ei ei oh! Ei ei oh! Ei ei oh!” The samurai soldiers pushed their arms up holding a morale-boosting pose. The sound of conchshell horn and Japanese drum rattled the clear blue sky–it was the start of a battle.


Dogville a masterpiece of cinema

No sooner did Tom (Paul Bettany) hear gunshots in the distance than an extravagantly dressed Grace (Nicole Kidman) showed up in the quaint, depression-era Rocky Mountain town of Dogville. Grace convinced Tom to help her take refuge in the town, but she revealed neither what she was running from nor who was looking for her.


Another Mickey Mouse history lesson

Myths are stories people live by. One of the most enduring myths is the Last Stand: the few standing against the many. It teaches honor and sacrifice. We know the places: Thermopylae, Masada, Little Bighorn; and the names: Leonidas, Custer, Crazy Horse.


Sassy, sultry lyrics testament to human condition

“Ah, I can see them now. Clutching a handkerchief. And blowing me a kiss.” These lyrics are sung from a dead man’s perspective. It’s a strange yet thought-provoking perspective that makes you wonder, what people will think of you when you’re six feet under.



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