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Cures for the common hangover?

by Amanda Palmer, staff writer


Research headed by Dr. Jeffery Weise at Tulane University has indicated that Tex-OE, a derivative of the prickly pear cactus fruit, may help people suffering from alcohol hangovers. Researchers collected data at “typical-style college barbecue parties” on the Tulane campus.

The group studied was composed of 55 graduate medical students; half of the students were given Tex-OE extract and half were given a placebo. The students consumed five-10 alcoholic beverages each. The study did not specify the alcohol content of the beverages used in the study, and it did not specify how long students were allowed to drink.

The researchers published a report on their findings which appeared in the June 2004 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, a publication of the American Medical Association.

The results of the Tulane study are encouraging, showing that individuals who took Tex-OE extract before drinking alcohol were half as likely to experience severe hangovers. Students who took Tex-OE experienced fewer headaches and less dry mouth, fatigue, and nausea than those who received the placebo. What’s more, the study revealed that Tex-OE also improved cognitive functioning the day after drinking.

The extract of the cactus fruit contains high levels of heat shock proteins (HSPs), an element of all living organisms that protects against the degenerative effects of physical stress. HSPs are normally produced by the body to counteract stress and to heal body damage caused by physical stress.
Perfect Equation, Inc., which holds exclusive rights to Tex-OE, has used it to create a product called the Hangover Prevention Formula (HPF). The formula utilizes the HSPs found in the cactus fruit to reduce hangover effects.

Recommended dosage is one capsule per 130 pounds of bodyweight two hours before drinking in order to prevent the damage that is usually caused by alcohol (and the subsequent hangover). One may purchase two capsules for $5.95 or 10 capsules for $24.95. Each dose lasts three days.

The Perfect Equation website ( warns that the Hangover Prevention Formula will not prevent intoxication and cautions people to drink responsibly.

Weise also advises consumers that Tex-OE was the patented extract administered in the study, and it is different from common prickly pear extract. Therefore, people who desire the same success rate as the study should not expect it from a substitute.


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