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Military Matters

Lindsey Rowland


Remembering two fallen soldiers

Two weeks after a tragic helicopter crash in Mosul, Iraq killed 17 people, Assistant Dean of Military Programs at HPU, Ralph Gallogly, learned that one of his students had died in the crash.



Deployment: unwanted break

Some students take time off from school to save money, to have more time to play, or to figure out what they really want to do with their lives if school just isn’t fulfilling their needs. Others interrupt school because they have to, because they have no other choice. These students aren’t absent from classes because they are sitting on the beach or because they have increased family responsibilities; they are absent because they have been deployed.

Iraq may seem like a world away, the newspaper a flash of a world we don’t know, have never known, and will never know. The news is of a country in turmoil, a country incomprehensible or incomparable to anything we have ever experienced. It’s not that we are unpatriotic or even unsupportive. It’s just that the war seems so surreal.

Letters from Baghdad

You may have seen the news reports of two suicide bombs going off in the Green Zone. It was just one suicide bomb and one bomb that was planted. By our standards they were small bombs.


Tour length unhealthy for family soldier

I remember Oct. 7, 9 a.m. It was surreal at the time, but now it is my reality. The white bus pulled up, and I knew it was time. My heart started beating fast, and my palms were sweaty. Tears welled up, and I didn’t want to let go. He kissed me, turned his back, and walked away. I held his hand through the window for a few minutes before the bus drove off. And just like that, my fiancé was headed for Iraq, which will be his new home for at least a year.





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