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Kalamalama is the only full time student operation on the HPU campus. The newspaper is an HPU "instructionally related activity" meaning it is both part of an academic curriculum and a business environment. In this educational role, the newspaper provides the chance for all HPU students to apply skills acquired in the classroom in a professional newspaper, skills that they will successfully apply to any organization in their future endeavors. In the business role, the newspaper is organized and managed as a business. It has revenues, expenses, and customers. It provides a working laboratory for all HPU students.
History: Kalamalama means “bright light” in Hawaiian. “Ka” means “the” and “Lama” means “Light.” It also means “the beacon of light in the darkness,” and “the torch.”
Hawaii Pacific University opened as Hawaii Pacific College in 1965, and four years later the school began a weekly newsletter called the “Midnight Oil,” which evolved into the “Menehune,” and later into “Ka-Lamalama” which became the school’s newspaper in 1969.
In 1984, Kalamalama was defunct because there was no support for the paper. In 1986, it was resurrected, and in 1987 it folded again for the same reasons. In 1993, under the guidance of Dr. Larry LeDoux, Kalamalama was again resurrected. Dr. LeDoux who holds a B.A. degree in Journalism and Communications, created a journalism program where the newspaper could train potential journalists.
Kalamalama is located at 1154 Fort Street Mall, Suite 312 on the Hawaii Pacific University Downtown Campus. The paper has a circulation of 9,000, which gets distributed between the two campuses of Hawaii Pacific University, as well as to an extensive mailing list. The mailing list consists of high schools and colleges on Oahu and the neighbor islands, all Hawaii news media, and prominent local business and community leaders. In addition to being sent locally and statewide, Kalamalama is also sent to all high schools and colleges nationwide, as well as to all news media and national businesses.
Kalamalama Hawaii Pacific University Student Newspaper
Student Editor
Associate Editor

Loren Moreno

Shavae'cha Lee

Web Editor
Business Manager

Mark Smith


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Brenna Joyce- (808) 544-9379

Business editor
Associate Editor

Luke Massirio





Art & Entertainment Editor
Associate Editor

Siv Palm


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Eya Rissanen

Etcetera Editor
People and Places

Ano Puchaski

Salatha Helton

Outdoor Living

Yvonne Lozano

Lindsey Rowland

News Editor
Military Matters

Monica Pleuler

Brittany Yap

Opinion Editor
Associate editor

Saida Oliver



Calendar Editor
Associate Editor

Robin Hansen



Science & Environment Editor

Bernadette Bass





Sports Editor
Associate editor

Kyle Galdeira

Flavia Brakling

Student Life Editor
Associate Editor

Chris Alcantara



Copy Editor
Faculty Editor
Judy LeDoux
Larry LeDoux
Staff Writers
Contributing Writers
Tiffany Garrett, Jimmi Hemmenbach, Ina Hinklemann, Nanea Kalani, Rita Kristjansdottir, Luke Massirio, Clarence Smith

Crystal Brewe, Dale Burke, Don Diebol, Onkar Ghate, Amy Gowans, Joy Kikuchi, Cheng-Sheng Lee, Drew Lewis, Threse Svensson, Stacy Judy

Photo Editor

Baxter Cepeda

Baxter Cepeda, Loren Moreno, Jimmi Hemmenbach, Brittany Yap

Kalamalama is published 12 times a year and is available free at all Hawaii Pacific University campuses. Opinions expressed herein are the writers’, not those of Kalamalama staff, the Associated Students of Hawaii Pacific University, the faculty, the University, or its Board of Trustees. Advertising is subject to acceptance by Kalamalama, which reserves the right to reject any ad copy. Kalamalama does not assume financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertising unless an error materially affects the ad’s meaning, as determined by the business manager. Liability of Kalamalama shall not exceed the cost of the advertisement in which the error occurred, and credit will be given for the first incorrect insertion only. Make-goods must be called in to the business manager within seven working days of issue.
Copyright April 28, 2003..

Submission Requirements

Kalamalama invites submissions by all members of the Hawaii Pacific University community. Feature articles may be on any subject and should follow the guidelines indicated below. The opinions section welcomes forums and letters to the editor. Forum articles are designated for the expression of opinions which, to be communicated effectively, require substantial space. Letters to the editor are more brief statements. All opinions expressed are solely those of the writers and are not necessarily shared by Kalamalama or university staff, students, faculty, or adminisration.

Kalamalama will not print obscenity, pornography, or bad reasoning. Timeliness, clarity of thought, factual accuracy, and interest to the University community are major factors in selecting material for publication. Articles contributions must include the writer’s name and telephone number. Material may be e-mailed to or it may be submitted in person or by mail, typed, double-spaced, or on 3.5” floppy disc.

News articles should not exceed 400 words. Feature or Forum articles should not exceed 1,000 words. Letters should not exceed 300 words. All material becomes the property of Kalamalama.

Sources of factual material should be included, as should telephone numbers of individuals quoted. All claims of fact are subject to verification.

Kalamalama cannot acknowledge or return manuscripts but will retain these for 30 days after publication in the Newsroom (room 314, 1154 Fort St.) for pickup.

Kalamalama reserves the right to reject letters or articles without explanation and to edit those accepted as necessary for copy fit, grammar, reasoning, or style.

Kalamalama, the HPU student newspaper 1154 Fort Street, Suite 312, Honolulu, HI 96813 Telephone: (808) 544-9379,
DEADLINES FOR March 7, 2005 issue
Articles due noon. Monday, Feb. 21
Ad space reservations noon. Monday, Feb. 21
Advertising materials: 5 PM. Monday, Feb. 28
Hawaii Pacific University Newspaper Advertising Rates & Prices
Ad Sizes Dimensions Columns Picas Inches Price
  (col x inch) Inches (width x height) (width x height)  
Full Page 6 col x 15" 90 60 x 90 10" x 15" $630.00
1/2 Page 6 col x 7.5" 45 60 x 45 10" x 7.5"


1/3 Page 2 col x 15" 30 20.5 x 90 3.4" x 15" $210.00
1/4 Page 4 col. x 5.5" 22 41 x 33 6.8" x 5.5" $154.00
1/6 Page 2 col x 7.5" 15 20.5 x 45 3.4" x 7.5" $105.00
1/8 Page 2 col x 5.5" 11 20.5 x 33 3.4" x 5.5" $77.00
1/12 Page 2 col x 3.5" 7 20.5 x 21 3.4" x 3.5" $49.00
1/22 Page 2 col x 2.0" 4 20.5 x 12 3.4" x 2.0" $28.00

Rates are based on $7 dollars per column inch (1 3/4” x 1”) and 8,000 circulation. All ad sizes are sample sizes. Other sizes are available. Note: Columns are 9 picas (1.70”) wide with 1 pica gutter. All ads are R.O.P.

Column width:

1 Column - 1 3/4", 2 Columns - 3 1/4", 3 Columns - 5", 4 Columns - 6 3/4", 5 Columns - 8 1/4", 6 Columns - 10"

All ads due camera ready, by e-mail in PDF, PageMaker or Word file or on a disk one week before publication. Space reservations are due two weeks before publication.


Typesetting / Graphic Design: $25/hour
Proofs / Corrections: No charge for the first proof
All additional proofs $5 each
Color Costs: 2 Color: $55.00
3 Color: $110.00
4 Color: $165.00
Inserts: $65.00 per thousand
(Minimum 6000 , Maximum 8000)
Min. size: 5 1/4” x 5 1/4”, max. size: 11” x 7 1/2”


Frequency 10% for three or more issues, 20% for eight or more issues
Bulk 10% for all advertising in excess of 270 column inches
Agency 15% commission to recognized advertising agencies
Coupons 10% discount for coupons offering discounts to HPU students
(Only one frequency/bulk discount may be applied towards your contract)

©2004, Kalamalama, the HPU Student Newspaper. All rights reserved. 
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