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Siv Palm and Eya Rissanen, editors


Hotel Rwanda evokes heroism, horror

Hotel Rwanda is a true story based on events of the 1994 Rwanda genocide, when the Hutu tribe killed 800,000 to one million members of Rwanda’s Tutsi tribe. Belgium colonists are at the root of the genocide. In 1919 they forced a class system on Rwanda’s two ancient tribes, the Tutsis and the Hutus. The Tutsis were put into power by the Europeans because they were physically taller than the Hutus, although they only made up 15 percent of the population. The Tutsis were given better jobs and more educational opportunities. They were even given identity cards grouping the tribes by ethnicities. Over time, the Hutus, who were relegated to the stature of labor came to hate this class system and the Tutsis.


To view or to read . . . Do screen adaptations satisy?

Novelists and filmmakers, once uneasy bedmates, have realized what kind of profit a healthy relationship can make. Hollywood has seen that good writing is hard to come by, and most authors certainly understand the meaning of a fat check. In a period of two hours, Hollywood presents a movie based on a 500-page book that takes the average person 60-70 hours to read. Something has to give.


Going to hell? It's all a part of the Divine Comedy

Have you ever known anyone you hoped would burn in Hell? Or have you ever hoped someone you lost was in the other place?


Iona Dance Theater opens new season

IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre explores a whole new level of movement and magic with the Quadraphonix in “Paint By Number,” the second in IONA’s new Salon Series, scheduled for March 18 and 19 on the fourth floor of the NIKETOWN building (King Kalakaua Plaza). Tickets ($17 in advance and $20 at the door) can be purchased from the Hawai‘i Theatre Center box office at or 528-0506.



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