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Chris Alcantara, editor


Internship led to career

Life is a juggling act for Meilinda Soerjoko, from Sydney, Australia. This 20-something actress, (actresses do not disclose real age, only age range for work) is a fashion business owner and, until this winter, a public relations major (with a writing minor) at HPU She graduated in January 2005.


Club works for hope, human rights

Last December, members of Amnesty International at HPU joined with thousands of others across the country to send messages of hope to human rights defenders, prisoners of conscience, and all, around the world, who had been imprisoned solely because of their beliefs, identity, religion, or ethnic origin.


COM adjunct is Advertiser columnist

How would you like to meet Will Smith? Or Adam Sandler? Or why not Gwen Stefani? A journalist meets celebrities all the time, according to Krisha Chachra, HPU’s newest communication instructor and the Honolulu Advertiser’s new columnist.


TIMSO enjoys dolphin cruise

Despite a little rain on Feb. 12, the Travel Industry Management Student Organization (TIMSO) still fielded 53 people, including faculty members Dr. Jerry Agrusa and Wendy Coats, for a little socializing, BBQ, fun, and whale/dolphin watching aboard the Rainbow.

Queer Caucus states manifesto

The term queer has historically been used in numerous ways to speak of something strange, odd, and eccentric. Queer is also used as a term of abuse, coined by and for people who try to affirm a sense of normalcy by pointing outward toward people who are painted as sexually deviant.



Team-teaching: Ideal of civic debate informs PSCI class

Centuries ago the Athenians believed that true knowledge was acquired through civic debate. Ideas were passed back and forth and options were presented to the moderate observers, who were then able to make their own decisions.




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