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Eyja Rissanen, Chris Alcantara, Brittany Yap


Be Cool is cool enough

I can’t be cool like Chili Palmer (John Travolta), and neither can you. No one can, so don’t even try. Chili doesn’t just embody cool – he defines cool. Chili can take the dull storyline of Be Cool and make it cool just by agreeing to be associated with it.


The Miser: Character dominates comedy

A thematic aura of greed and obsession pervades HPU’s production of The Miser (France, 1668), but it is not dark, depressing, or tragic. Molière’s comedy is saved by its dry wit and animated characters. The play opened March 25 and continues with performances on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at varying times (see fact box below) through April 24.


Oscar night brings out island 'celebs'

The Hawai‘i International Film Festival held a benefit Oscar viewing party at the Pacific Club in Honolulu, Feb. 27. The black-tie optional event was Hawai‘i’s only Oscar party, and one of 45 Oscar parties nationwide. Christian Razukus of HIFF said the party was such a great success that the organization is going to continue the tradition next year.


HLC exhibit was 'stuff of dreams'

It was genuinely pleasing to the eye, the glory of its colors amazing, bright and multifaceted. Earth Stories graced the Hawai‘i Loa Campus Gallery from Jan. 30 through March 11. It featured the powerful, abstract art of friends Barbara Okamoto and Deborah Young.


Ovid's heroines: World's first feminist literature

Once upon the time there lived a small man whose name meant Big Nose. He was a famous writer, a poet who evoked the anger of the Emperor Augustus himself. Ovid Publius Ovidius Naso lived between 43 B.C. and 17 A.D., and although he lived in a patriarchal society, he loved women and would later inspire such great writers as Jeffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare.


Deep in roots: Groundation

Groundation is not your stereotypical roots reggae band, neither in appearance nor background. Yet with the release of its fourth album, We Free Again, and a recent return from a critically acclaimed European tour, Groundation has firmly cemented its place amongst the heavyweights of the modern genre.


In Tune: The "Others" . . . With no disrespect to Bob

I love reggae music. The real reggae music that is. The music that was made in the late ‘60s through the early ‘80s before the digital “dancehall” era took over; I’m talking about the roots.


Hawaiian Grammy opens music to the world

Watching the Grammy awards can cause anyone excitement, music lover or not. Right before the winner is announced, there is a moment of suspense followed immediately with cheering and celebration for the winner. It may not seem a big deal to television viewers, but to the artists and nominees it is a huge honor to be awarded a Grammy.



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