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Monica Pleuler, editor


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Pidgin at HPU: An Interview with Lee Tonouchi

You might hear it when walking to classes, in malls, or at the bus stop…Pidgin, of course. It’s everywhere in Hawai‘i. People of all ages speak it (and maybe you’re one of them). Now HPU is giving you a chance to experience more Pidgin than ever. First, HPU hosted a reading with Hawai‘i’s Pidgin Guerrilla, Lee Tonouchi, April 29. And this summer, HPU will offer Pidgin courses that have never been offered at any university.


Aloha from the President

As president of HPU, I depend on the professional knowledge and skills of a senior management team that works closely with me in the administration of the University. I would like to tell you about two members of that senior team–one who holds and the other who will hold–the title of vice president, Student Support Services. The first is Nancy Ellis, who is retiring May 31 after 15 years in that position. Her replacement is Dr. Jeffrey Philpott, who takes on the position July 1.


Chaplain's Corner

Congratulations! You made it! The finish line is near. The long hours put in on research projects and term papers are coming to a close. With successful completion of finals, you will tally another dozen or so credits that will soon add up to a university degree. Running the race this past semester and successfully carrying out your responsibilities in the classroom has made you stronger and more confident. This strength will carry you a long way into your future beyond the University. You are building a strong foundation that will help you in any field you choose to explore



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